By day, Brooke has the work ethic of a farm hand and the creative brain of a big agency, and loves blending the two to help tell the story of small town, America to the masses.<\/p>\n


By night and by weekend, Brooke has adventures on her mind. From kayaking to sipping champagne in a new city, adventures feed her creativity and give her a sense of home.<\/p>", "avatarAssetUrl": "" }, "assetUrl": "", "contentType": "image/jpeg", "items": [ ], "pushedServices": { }, "pendingPushedServices": { }, "recordTypeLabel": "image", "originalSize": "1024x576" }, "imageOverlayOpacity": 0.56, "backgroundWidth": "background-width--full-bleed", "sectionHeight": "section-height--small", "customSectionHeight": 85, "horizontalAlignment": "horizontal-alignment--left", "verticalAlignment": "vertical-alignment--bottom", "contentWidth": "content-width--wide", "sectionTheme": "dark-bold", "sectionAnimation": "none", "backgroundMode": "image" }" data-animation="none">

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